Bringing Miracles About From Within

Oftentimes, we think of miracles as occurrences that happen outside ourselves. They’re that extra push, shove, umph that enables us to do the seemingly impossible.

Stop. This is where the Chanukah lights come in.

There’s a problem, and that is the mistaken connection of ‘miracle’ and ‘impossible.’

The Hasidic sect of Amshinov, as told so powerfully by Rabbi Chaim Eisenstein, breaks this misnomer:

“The miracle of chanukah came about because of the desire, the aspiration for everything that the menorah represents…holiness…כי נר ה נשמת אדם [for G-d’s candle is man’s soul]..that was why the miracle happened…only if a person  wants it does it really happen.”

The Maccabees won because because their hearts wanted – more than anything else – to preserve and protect Torah learning and living. They were willing to risk it all.That’s why the miracles were possible.

Have you ever thought about how powerful your will is? How much energy, power, and ability you have to change your reality? Think about a time you really wanted something – something bigger than yourself – and you gave your all, no holds barred.

That is where miracles are born.

That is where you’ll find that what seems impossible, isn’t…it just exists on a plane you weren’t aware of until you took the chance and looked for it.





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