It’s Not What the World Holds For You, it’s What You Bring to it

This post is a little late because I only found out today (thanks to Google) that one of my favorite authors was born today. Happy Birthday, Lucy Maude Montgomery!

I confess, the quote below is not from the books, but I love, love, love the movies. And the quote I’m sharing comes from the not-so-accurate third movie, so, sorry literary enthusiasts.

Right Here

What brings Anne to life is the scope of her imagination. It’s the reason she can get past the major rejection she faces at the beginning of the book, and how, as her life in Avonlea unfolds, she can imagine the possibilities for her life as a student, writer, teacher, and friend.

The thing about imagination is, sometimes it doesn’t allow us to see what’s right in front of our eyes.

Out there is something or someone who will make me everything I want to be; everything I ever dreamed of being and becoming. Anne’s whole life as we know it is about we she imagines she can be (a writer, first-class teacher, not-redheaded, Cordelia,  etc).

I relate to that. There’s merit to having an imagination; to seeing that which isn’t real (yet)…that’s where hope comes from. But as Anne grows, and as I grow, the more I see that what I’m looking for is right here.

It is not in Heaven…Nor is it beyond the sea…rather this thing is close to you, in your heart and in your mouth, so that you can fulfill it.

For every hope and dream we imagine and hold onto, there is a reality in front of us; the strength and potential of the here-and-now which trumps all the hopes and dreams of tomorrow.

It is good to hope and dream, but the dreams dearest to us – belonging, love, a sense of purpose  – are in our hands, and are ready to be found if we muster the courage to fulfill them.

After all, ending up with Gilbert Blythe isn’t such a bad thing.



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