Connecting the Dots: A Series on Hakarat HaTov

Connecting the Dots

One of the most gratifying parts of getting older is looking back on events and realizing how each one builds upon another, paving the way for opportunities, relationships, and realities that we never fathomed before. Steve Jobs described it as “connecting the dots.” We don’t normally see where these events take us when we are in them, but when we look back, there are times when we have those light bulb moments and deeply understand, if only momentarily, that there is  Bigger Plan.

But most influential events, even those that are hard to see coming, aren’t of the ex nihilo variety : people facilitate and initiate their creation. My life wouldn’t be what it is today if not for individuals and organizations that let me join their party and journey, for however long.   I want to use this forum as a means of being makir tov (recognizing the good done on my behalf) for those who created dots of opportunity in my life so far.  I’m just beginning to see how much impact one dot can have on another; how taking the time to reflect on them, pick up that pencil, and connect them, can be encouraging and humbling at once. So, here’s to a gratitude adventure – the beginning of a story that will, please G-d, be worthy of standing next to those who came before me.

The plan is to have them published on Fridays, the day we say Tov l’hodot l’Hashem. u’lezamer l’shimcha elyon…mah gadlu ma’asehcha Hashem, me’od amku mach’shevotehcha.It is good to give thanks to G-d, and to sing Your name…How great are your works, G-d, how very deep are Your thoughts.”

Seems like a fitting theme to me 🙂


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